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Geek Aggro Ep.44

May 8th, 2014 by douceswild

Geek Aggro is all about ATB on this DJ Tribute.I was sifting through my music collection and I ran across a CD by German-born Trance producer and DJ, ATB, and I almost kicked myself for doing doing a tribute episode sooner on this guy. Well here it is!


1. ATB - Dedicated (Mix-Intro)
2. ATB feat. York - The Fields of Love
3. ATB - Halcyon
4. ATB feat. Strawberries - Let u go (First Version 2000)
5. ATB - Basic Love
6. ATB - 9pm (till I come) (Signum Mix)
7. ATB - Don't stop
8. ATB and United Deejays - Too much rain (over paradise)
9. ATB - The Summer
10. ATB - Killer 2000
11. ATB - Loose The Gravity
12. ATB - You're not alone (Clubmix)
13. ATB - Let u go (Radio Version 2001)
14. Trance Allstars - Lost in Love (ATB Mix)
15. ATB - Hold you (Clubmix 2)
16. ATB - Movin' Melodies
17. ATB - Klangwelt (Mix-Outro)

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