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Geek Aggro Ep.42

April 16th, 2014 by douceswild

It's time to make some noise!!! Geek Aggro kicking off another DJ Tribute with some hot tracks froom ZEDD!

Zedd has been pumping out some great tracks for a long time, but he really shined with his chart-topping song Clarity featuring Foxes. I've played a number of his remixes on previous episodes and I figured it was about time he got a TRIBUTE EPISODE. So turn it up and check him out!


1: Skrillex - Breakn a Sweat (Zedd Remix)
2: Zedd - Stars Come Out
3: Zedd - The Anthem
4: Zedd feat Matthew Koma - Spectrum (Extended Mix)
5: Zedd - Shave It
6: Zedd, Lucky Date - Fall Into The Sky feat. Ellie Goulding (Extended Mix)
7: Zedd - Stache (Extended Mix)
8: Fatboy Slim - Weapon Of Choice (Zedd Remix)

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