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Geek Aggro Ep.40

March 19th, 2014 by douceswild

Watch your step. There's Dub down there.

Geek Aggro is long overdue for a good dubstep mix. How 'bout we do a melodic mix that still gives you the crazy dubstep sounds you're used to but mixed with some melodic vocals. I know what you're thinking. "Is that even possible?" And to that question, I'll answer, wait for the DROP!

Track List:

1. Juventa - Move Into The Light (ft. Erica Curran) (Koven Remix)
2. Protohype ft. Alina Renae - Fly (Killabyte Remix)
3. PatrickReza - Take Me Away (ft. Jilian)
4. Secoya - Run
5. Rollz - Burn Up (ft. Katie's Ambition) (Dabin Remix)
6. Blastikz - Golden Heart
7. Mydas & Loz Contreras - Mistakes
8. TuneDEF - Hit The Spot
9. Venemy & Aznar ft. Doubletake! - Reign
10.Tim Bryant - Into The Dark
11.Jaymes Young - Moondust (Celani Remix)
13.Matthew Parker - Bigger Picture (Just a Gent Remix)
14.Reeves Raymond ft. Alex Staltari & Diana - Brighter Lights (Venemy Remix)
15.PRFFTT & Svyable ft. Jonny Rose - Turn It Up
16.Hellberg, Teqq & Taylr Renee - Air (MrFijiWiji Remix)
17.3LAU, Paris & Simo ft. Bright Lights - Escape (T-Mass Remix)
18.Extan - One Touch
19.Tuen ft. Zoƫ Phillips - Take A Look At Me Now
20.Alma - Avalanches (ft. Sound Remedy & Kill Paris)
21.More Kords - Fragmentize (ft. Miyoki)
22.Electric Joy Ride - I'm Alive
23.Fox Stevenson - Like You
24.Shockline - Alive
25.Merce ft. Farisha - Rain City
26.AZEDIA - Agony
27.Electromagnetic Blaze - Blazy Clouds
28.Kaskade & Project 46 - Last Chance (Dirtyphonics Remix)
29.Tony Anthem & Axl Ender, Erb N Dub - Move Down (Rootkit Remix)
30.The Eden Project ft. Laura Brehm - Changes
31.Seven Lions with Myon & Shane 54 ft. Tove Lo - Strangers
32.Spaarkey - Emotion
33.Singularity - Vain (Piano by Evan Duffy)
34.Rogue - From The Dust
35.Psycho Crooks - Nostalgia
36.Netsky - Without You
37.Adoxe - Second Wind
38.AOSOON - Under (Kicks N Licks Remix)
39.Wreckage Machinery - Absence

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