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Geek Aggro Ep.38

March 8th, 2014 by douceswild

I hope you guys have your technical support team on speed dial, because this episode puts a Glitch in the system.

I'm doing another DJ tribute on this episode. Glitch Mob is no stranger to some of the hardest hitting sounds in the music industry. This proves true with their "Love Death Immortality" album. Pay close attention the the "Can't Kill Us" track. Absolute brilliance. Enjoy the show!

Track List:

1 .Mind of a Beast,
2. Our Demons (feat. Aja Volkman),
3. Skullclub,
4. Becoming Harmonious (feat. Metal Mother),
5. Can't Kill Us,
6. I Need My Memory Back (feat. Aja Volkman),
7. Skytoucher,
8. Fly By Night Only (feat. Yaarrohs),
9. Carry the Sun,
10. Beauty of the Unhidden Heart (feat. Sister Crayon)

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