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Geek Aggro Ep.39

March 12th, 2014 by douceswild

I'm reaching all the way to the Czech Republic to bring you this band. 

Marvin Black reached out to me through Facebook to put this band on my radar. I'm glad he did. They go by the name 3logit (Trilogy), and they bring a very unique sound to the music industry.

The basic idea of 3logit (Trilogit) was no less than to set up a lively band performing the music which, up to the present days, is executed only by DJ´s. Thus a kind of cyborg music started – a digital/analog/human interface was born. The band works on principles of musical LAN (local access network) in a star topology consisting of 5 elements:

  • 4 musical terminals operated by living musicians and
  • a server.
It's hard to categorize 3logit, but if I had to, I guess I'd put them under Organic Dubstep, Check out their sound.
Track List:
1. Lavablood
2. Diamond Eyes
3. The Boomerang

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