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Could This Be the iPhone 4G?

April 19th, 2010 by douceswild

Anyone who's anybody wants to know what the iPhone 4G (or iPhone HD) will look like. Well, Engadget might have just shown us.

Earlier today, photos of what may be the Apple's next iPhone began circulating around the internet, but were quickly dismissed as fake. Now, Engadget is saying that this just may be the real deal. If these photos would've appeared on any other sight, then I might have joined the crowd of nay sayers but Engadget has always been reliable so I'm casting my lot with them.

Engadget didn't have much info on the device other than it having a front facing camera and 80GB storage (which seems odd). I seriously hope this isn't the final design because it lacks Apple's "sleek-ness" and seems more along the lines of Sony Ericsson's blocky designs. Stay tuned for more on this as it's released.

UPDATE: Gizmodo has published an article detailing how the prototype was lost and who lost it. It's also been reported that Gizmodo now has the device after paying somewhere between $5000-$10000 for it even after Apple has made it known that they want it back. I'm waiting to see if Gizmodo will turn it in or take the chance of ruining their relationship with Apple for a few thousand page clicks.

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